WINNER:Bryan Bouffier&Jean-Luc Alnet

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      Bryan Bouffier and Jean-Luc Alnet  won the second edition of the Cap Corse Historique held at 10 -12 March, 2017., which was held on the streets of macinaggio (Corsica).

The French crew, aboard a Porsche 911 SC, preceded Christian kelders and Patrick Butt (Porsche 911 CARRERA RSR 3.0), followed by the French Dominique Marcelli and Benjamin Aubeuf with the ford escort Rs 1800 Mkii. On the way there were also two Italian crews. Let's go see where they are placed. Luisa Zumelli and Paola Valmassoi have obtained a great tenth place with the Porsche 911 Rs 3.0, while they have not had the same luck Maurizio Elia and Simona Mantovani, that we have had to withdraw during the ps3 because of a problem Mechanic to their ford escort Rs 2000 Mki.

 Bryan Bouffier and Jean-Luc Alnet, Porsche 911 SC



  Bryan Bouffier



 Christian Kelders and Patrick Butt (Porsche 911 CARRERA RSR 3.0)




Dominique Marcelli and Benjamin Aubeuf (Ford Escort Rs 1800 Mkii)



Luisa Zumelli and Paola Valmassoi(Porsche 911 Rs 3.0)



 Publicity Page for Cap Corse Historique by The Organizer


And of course, don't miss the interest part of The Offical Shop, Cap Corse Historique 2017.













YESO Page on Magazine and Roadbook of the 2nd Cap Corse Historique 


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